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  • Healthy Celebrations

    From candies to cookies to pies and sweets, the holiday season is sure full of treats! Planning a party, celebration or event for your classroom? Consider how healthy food can be in the room! Share the tip sheet with families so they can join in the fun!

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    Discover MyPlate

    Explore colors and sight words all while introducing the concept of healthy choices with Discover MyPlate. Use the teacher’s kit, handouts and classroom recipes and activities to inspire the little chef.

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    Boys Baking

    Food Allergies

    Introducing children to new foods is exciting, but it is important to be aware of how to handle food allergies to avoid emergencies. Ensure staff is well-trained on policies and procedures to better manage children’s allergies and prevent allergic reactions.

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    PB Jar

    Food Safety

    What’s the right temperature? Get the answer to this important question and learn more about food safety practices in this helpful handbook from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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    Food Safety

    Teacher's Institute of Learning

    The Atlanta region extends the D2D cohort model to teachers by offering quarterly state-approved trainings this fall. The Teacher’s Institute of Learning (TIL) pilot program is designed for full provider support.

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  • Don’t Miss 22% Savings!

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    Do you have everything you need for fun fall activities and holiday celebrations? Stock up and save with this limited time offer from Discount School Supply!
  • Healthy Food for Kids

    Pinterest Healthy Food
    Get creative with healthy snack options for children. Explore our ‘Healthy Food for Kids’ Pinterest board for inspiration.
  • Community Group Support

    Our Community Tab supports home-based providers, center directors, the QR process and more! To learn about our new Teacher’s Institute of Learning (TIL), see the feature story at the top of the page.

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